Posted on December 6th, 2017

All night, on the beach till the break of dawn, welcome to the one and only Miami. Just as Will Smith did, the Public House of Art is going to Miami baby. South Beach is bringing the artistic heat for the 16th time by staging one of the world’s best modern and contemporary art fairs by Art Basel. Devoted to supporting the important role that galleries play in nurturing the careers of their artists, like yours truly, Art Basel includes the latest and greatest in the development of visual arts. The Public House is taking centre stage in not one but two of this year’s most exciting events during Miami Art Week: SCOPE Miami Beach and CONTEXT Art Miami. Discover exactly what is going on and why The Public House of Art is taking its rightful place alongside the biggest leader in connecting art patrons and galleries across countries and continents!



Head down to the luscious sands of Ocean Drive and you will stumble upon SCOPE Miami Beach, a leader in the promotion and support for the emerging contemporary art market. This year the event will feature 140 international exhibitors from 25 countries and 60 cities. Spreading the love worldwide, the event should expect to welcome over 55,000 visitors over the course of just 6 days! Last year proposed a large serving of pop art but expect more street style artists this year.



All Star Must See

A must see at SCOPE is ‘The Melech Collection’ launched by 6-time NBA all-star and the latest art buff Amar’e Stoudemaire. He curated a 40-foot installation as part of SCOPE Miami Beach’s Special projects for its visitors. With a soft and highly sincere spot for nurturing emerging artists, the basketball legend has commissioned Steven Cogle, a Brooklyn based artist, to create a site-specific work based on his work interpreting the African diaspora. Furthermore, Amar’e will lead a lively artsy discussion in SCOPE’s Atrium, moderated by Sotheby’s Contemporary Art SVP and former Andy Warhol Museum curator Eric Shiner.



Gin’O Clock: Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series

If you are a fan of gin as well as the arts than we think you might like what’s coming up. Yep, that’s right, the famous gin-tastic liquid Bombay Sapphire has collaborated with emerging artists from all over North America who have submitted their artwork to their special artisan series competition. Even better, it’s up to the public to decide the winners. the grand prize? A collaboration with artsy on a public installation in New York City ready to be debuted in 2018. Delicious and easy on the eye, we like the sound of this section Miami.




Launched in 2012, CONTEXT is the little sister fair to Art Miami which is dedicated to the development and reinforcement of the emerging artists in this world. Basically, they help the little fish get noticed in the large Miami Ocean which is why The Public House of Art is there with a bang. Highlights this year include a performance installation piece by Donal Ian McCaw, a Canadian artist who places his extremely autobiographical paintings into a very impersonal story about a businessman looking to reinvent the creation of fine art. Outrageously honest, do not miss out on this artist’s optical illusions. Adding to this another must see is ‘Sound Positions’. With so much visual art on display why not take a breather and just listen to the latest sound emerging artists Seth Cleutt, Luza Quicenco, Mileece and David Schafer who have all created immersive and intimate situations to listen to their work. Close your eyes, slap on those headphones and get prepared to be taken on a sensational sound driven artistic journey.  


Sun, sand and a whole lot of amazing artists just waiting to be discovered especially from The Public House of Art. The good life, it feels like Miami.



Written by Paris-based Freelance Writer Joanna Reid for Public House of Art





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